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Frequently asked questions

What are the dimensions of a NexBox?

The NeBox will have similar dimensions to a standard ISO container/box except for the height. L -40′; W -8′; H 6’4″ (High Cube) and 5’8″ (Low Cube).

What material is used for construction of the NexBox?

The NexBox is a standard steel container with an option for a steel frame combined with composite encasement. 

How many bushels fit in a NexBox?

The inside cubic feet measurement is estimated at 1,580 ft, which would equal capacity for 1,200  to 1,270 bushels of corn for example.

How is the crop quality guaranteed?

The NexBox will contain internal sensors that will monitor gas, humidity and temperature levels and will be remotely monitored. 

What is the weight capacity of a NexBox?

The NexBox will have a maximum weight capacity of 75,000#’s and net payload capacity of 67,200#s. This will allow for one NexBox to be shipped via road and three NexBoxes to be stored on a rail car. 

Do I have to buy the NexBoxes?

No, Nexyst 360 has a leasing program so NexBoxes are only rented for the time period they are needed and transportation of the boxes will be provided by Nexyst 360.