Nexyst 360 Limits Crop Handling and Waste

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In today’s agricultural supply chain, crops are handled multiple times and are stored in storage units — bags, bins, bunkers, and buildings — creating a higher risk of expiration and food waste. Some crops are moved via multiple modes of transportation including trucks, railcars, barges, and ships using an array of equipment. Seed quality is degraded with each move.   How can Nexyst 360 […]

Nexyst 360 Provides Connections and Transparency within the Supply Chain

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Farmer benefit  Modern day farmers have marketing areas ranging from a 10 to 100-mile radius with limited access to domestic and export customers. The NexProcess allows farmers to sell their crops/products to global markets and to deliver products to customers beyond their local delivery area. Nexyst 360 can also create opportunities for farmers to grow new crops that provide better financial and rotational benefits.   Processor & End Consumer Benefits  On the other end […]


Nexyst 360 Provides Crop Insurance and Certification

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In today’s supply chain for bulk products, the customer is unsure of two important things:  The quality of product they will receive.  The handling process of the product from the field to their receiving location.  The Nexyst 360 NexProcess will provide an insurance guarantee on the quality of product from the time it is sealed in the NexBox until it reaches […]