The Essential Link Between
Farmers and Buyers

About Nexyst 360

Nexyst 360 is the essential link between farmers and buyers facilitating a mutually-beneficial relationship in order to meet their quality, traceability and sustainability and efficiency goals by utilizing the technology-enabled NexBox process. The cornerstone of the NexProcess is the NexBox, a ‘smart’ shipping container carefully crafted to ensure quality, traceability, sustainability, market access and mobility. Today’s agriculture is incredibly capital intensive. The NexProcess is designed to cut costs associated with the transportation and storage of agricultural products. Additionally, the mobility aspect of the NexBox provides liquidity versus the sunken costs of on-farm or commercial grain storage systems. The Nexyst 360 solution can reduce costs in the following areas:

  • Handling shrink
  • Quality discounts resulting from multiple movements
  • Labor and repairs
  • Energy (electricity and fuel consumption)
  • Freight
  • Workers compensation, property and casualty insurance due to improved safety (no chance for grain engulfment, auger engagement or explosions)
  • Reduced capital outlay (depreciation/interest)
  • Property taxes (NexBox is a mobile asset)

The NexProcess includes the NexBox, NexPad and NexPort. Click the orange button below to learn about how these elements create the NexProcess. 

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