FDA: A New Era of Smarter Food Safety

The FDA has spent considerable time and energy focusing on an initiative they have deemed “A New Era of Smarter Food Safety”. They have assembled high-level teams to address the four core pillars of the program to include:

  • Tech Enabled Traceability
  • Smarter Tools and Approaches for Prevention and Outbreak Response
  • New Business Models
  • Food Safety Culture

The NexProcess, starting at the field, includes detailed data from planting, management practices, and complete crop history through final delivery that allows for full traceability. We have the tools and technology to preserve harvest quality and eliminate contamination. Our road
map “blockchain” of data, technology, ISO 9001, and insurance policy/guarantee also play a key role in meeting these objectives.

As you can see, the Nexyst 360 business model is strongly aligned with and directly addresses the four core pillars stated by the FDA in this most important initiative.

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