Nexyst 360 Limits Crop Handling and Waste

In today’s agricultural supply chain, crops are handled multiple times and are stored in storage units — bags, bins, bunkers, and buildings — creating a higher risk of expiration and food waste. Some crops are moved via multiple modes of transportation including trucks, railcars, barges, and ships using an array of equipment. Seed quality is degraded with each move.  

How can Nexyst 360 reduce these risks and provide fresh quality products? Instead of using a bag, bin, bunker, or building, our Nex Box maintains the highest product quality through our NexProcess.

The NexBox is a sealable container that provides a controlled atmospheric environment. Its gas distribution system conditions the product and injects an inert gas to prevent any pests, mold or other spoilage. There are also monitors inside the NexBox that provide daily condition reports on the climate within the container. “Sustaining Harvest Quality through Smart Mobile Technology” starts with limiting the amount and number of times a product is handled. These features, along with the NexProcess insurance and certification services, provide product guarantees that have not been experienced nor can be provided in our industry.

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