Nexyst 360 Provides Connections and Transparency within the Supply Chain

Farmer benefit 

Modern day farmers have marketing areas ranging from a 10 to 100-mile radius with limited access to domestic and export customersThe NexProcess allows farmers to sell their crops/products to global markets and to deliver products to customers beyond their local delivery areaNexyst 360 can also create opportunities for farmers to grow new crops that provide better financial and rotational benefits.  

Processor & End Consumer Benefits 

On the other end of the supply chain, food processing businesses and consumers want a more direct relationship with the farmer who is producing their products. Today, processors can’t prove exactly which fields their products came from. Nexyst 360 can assure that the processor and end consumer will have confidence in origin of the products due to the transparency provided by the NexProcess. We provide all growing information through the NexProcess using our traceabilityinsurance, and certification procedures. The NexBox goes directly from the farmer’s field to its end destination, whether that be a processing plant or supermarket warehousing facility.  

The NexProcess will be the foundation of long-term relationships allowing the farmer, food processing businesses and consumers to work together to create a mutually beneficial system. reat

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