Nexyst 360 Provides Crop Insurance and Certification


In today’s supply chain for bulk products, the customer is unsure of two important things: 

  • The quality of product they will receive. 
  • The handling process of the product from the field to their receiving location. 

The Nexyst 360 NexProcess will provide an insurance guarantee on the quality of product from the time it is sealed in the NexBox until it reaches the customer. If the quality does not meet the guarantee, the customer will be compensated.  

Nexyst 360 also provides an ISO 9001 certification that can go along with each NexBox to verify the NexProcess meets ISO 9001 requirements. Our certification will help the product integrity for key sectors of agriculture — organics and non-GMO.  

Nexyst 360 is unique in the market providing innovative products and services when others in the industry have not been able to do so. Our master insurance policy has already been completed and we are scheduled to obtain our ISO 9001 certification by the end of November 2020. We are working with the USDA to create a verification program that will provide a USDA certification of the end-to-end supply chain handling process – from field to customer. 

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