Nexyst 360 Strives for Sustainability

Sustaining our planet while feeding a growing global population is a top priority for farmers, food processing businesses and consumers. In addition to maintaining sustainability standards, we need to deliver the highest food safety to our customers/consumers while providing the highest level of employee safety to those who deliver the food to families.  

Nexyst 360 can assist in achieving these goals through our NexProcess. How? 

  • In today’s bulk product supply chain with the multiple handles, shrinkage or waste can be 6% to 8% of the product through spillage and spoilage of the product. Nexyst 360 eliminates almost 100% of the spillage.  With our controlled atmosphere NexBox, we can guarantee no spoilage of the product to the end customer.
  • Nexyst 360 can reduce the carbon footprint by reducing electricity needs to run motors. We can also reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions with less food miles throughout the supply chain. This also reduces road deterioration, traffic congestion and increases road safety. 
  • Since we only need to handle the product once, we can reduce product dust emissions by up to 90%. 
  • In today’s supply chain, there is one death each week related to a grain bin entrapment, facility explosion or auger engagement. These are directly related to the number of times and various methods used to move the product through the supply chain. The NexProcess eliminates these dangerous risks by reducing product handling through the supply chain. 
  • We are focused on sustaining farming businesses for future generations with increased safety and profitability for the farmer through increased market access and decreased costs. 

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