Nexyst 360 Reduces Your Supply Chain Costs

The Nexyst 360 team has over 100 years of experience in the agricultural supply chain from the farm to the end user. Our experience tells us that Nexyst 360 can reduce costs by 20% to 95% on individual line items on your profit and loss statement. How is this possible?  

  • The NexProcess enables us to handle a product once through our smart, mobile technology rather than up to 40 times in the current agricultural supply chain.  
  •  Because of the flexibility of the NexBox to handle both bulk and palletized products.  

These are a few of the major expenses that the NexProcess can add value through reduced costs

  • Labor and Benefits – 21% savings  
  • Capital Expenditures – 20% savings  
  • Energy Reduction for Fuel, Gas and Electricity – 54% savings (Higher Sustainability)  
  • Food Waste – 95% savings (Higher Sustainability)  
  • Repairs – 31% savings  
  • Insurance – 38% savings  
  • Freight – 28% savings 

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