Nexyst 360 Traces Food from Farm to Table

Customers and consumers are demanding to know where and how their food was produced. It is difficult, and in most cases impossible, to trace the source of where and how bulk products were grown with the current agricultural supply chain. This stems from the fact that a product can be handled up to 40 times and commingled with other products from other farms and through the entire supply chain.   

Nexyst 360 offers many innovative solutions. Through NexProcess data collection procedures, we can trace the origin of the product to a specific field and even to a particular section within that field. Through this patented process, we will handle the product once directly from the combine or harvesting machine into our NexBox. Additionally, we can track where a product is located and monitor the atmosphere conditions inside the NexBox until it reaches the final customer.  

Through the NexProcess, we are able to provide the following information regarding the food production: 

  • Farmer who produced the food 
  • Location of the field 
  • Seed variety and date planted 
  • Nutrient and crop protection products applied  
  • Tillage practices  
  • Sustainability score of products 
  • Weather conditions through growing season 
  • Harvesting dates  
  • Field health imagery maps  

Nexyst 360 can provide the pertinent quality factors of a particular crop (protein, amino acids, test weight, moisture) through the NexProcess. Our traceability capabilities will expand critical quality data through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow better decisions to be made leading to future improvements. This information will be crucial to end customers allowing them to produce the highest quality product in the future.

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