Nexyst 360: What We’re All About

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Extensive capital expenditures, high operational costs, lack of traceability, and quality degradation – these are just a few of the problems in the current agricultural supply chain. What is Nexyst 360? It is the essential link connecting farmers, processors and consumers, revolutionizing today’s agricultural supply chain 

Both founders of Nexyst 360 grew up on farms and experienced nearly every component of the agricultural supply chain. These encounters inspired the NexProcess. The NexProcess addresses supply chain issues beginning at the farm and ending with the consumer/customer.   

What are some of the supply chain problems that the NexProcess addresses? 
  • Quality Degradation: Crops can be physically handled as many as 40 different times because of the equipment, storage methods and modes of transportation from farm to consumer.  
  • Safety: food contamination recalls and human safety risks (bin entrapment and auger engagement) 
  • Customer Demands: Current agricultural supply chain unequipped to meet the demand of processors and consumers who are demanding sustainability, traceability, and quality 
  • Unacceptable financial returns: High fixed and operational cost with poor asset utilization. 

The patented NexProcess and NexBox provide a better way to deliver what customers are demanding while providing farmers with broader market access.

What are some of the features and benefits of the NexProcess? 
  • Unique shipping container called the NexBox. It has a similar footprint as a standard 40’ shipping container except it has a shorter profile, 6’4” high compared to 8’6” or 9’6” for standard high cube containers.

  • A system where agricultural products are loaded directly into the NexBox at the field. The NexBox can be stored and environmental conditions monitored. Products do not leave the NexBox until they reach the final destination.

  • Compatibility with intermodal system that handles upwards of 70% of the worlds freight today. The NexBox does not require any new supply chain infrastructure.

  • Increased transportation efficiency as the shorter profile NexBoxes allows higher container counts on rail, river, and ocean transportation modes than traditional containers.

What’s next?  

Two NexBox prototypes have been completed. This fall, Nexyst will partner with a small group of farmers and end processors to test field loading, storage, transportation, tracking, environmental conditions monitoring, and unloading tests with four different crops. After testing has been completed, any desired NexBox design changes will be scheduled for early next year. This paves the way to produce NexBoxes in Spring of 2021 to be ready for customer adoption for the 2021 harvest.  

Nexyst 360 has also completed the master insurance policy to insure the harvest quality of the product to the end customer. The audit to receive the ISO 9001 certification for the NexProcess is scheduled for late November 2020.