Nexyst 360 is the essential link between farmers and buyers facilitating a mutually-beneficial relationship in order to meet their quality, traceability, sustainability and efficiency goals by utilizing the technology-enabled NexProcess. The cornerstone of the unique NexProcess is the NexBox, a ‘smart’ shipping container carefully crafted to ensure measurable improvements in the following: 


Reducing crop handling preserves harvest quality and ensures crop consistency with the ability to hermetically seal the Nitrogen-layered NexBox.


Embedding a global tracking device provides end-to-end shipment tracking, from field of origin increasing all agronomic practices and complete crop data.


Minimizing the carbon footprint by reducing crop handling, food waste and the number of freight transports.

Market Access & Mobility

Transporting crops via road, rail, river or ocean allows increased market access for farmers and efficiency for buyers.


Inspected, graded and sealed crops with an insurance quality certificate electronically attached to the Nexbox providing a guarantee of the quality promised to all parties.